BioVisual Communications provides digital and traditional illustration services for professionals and companies engaged in the fields of health, medicine, science and biotechnology. 
Communication of ideas is critical for any successful business or professional. Visual images are often essential components of a clear message. They grab the attention of your viewers, draw them in and clarify your point. Images created by a professional with the proper training and knowledge will deliver your message with better impact, proper focus, accurate and appropriate detail, with a style that best suits the information and your audience. 

BioVisual Communications is uniquely prepared to help you meet your communication goals. 


Specialized Training

A certified medical illustrator, Lynne Larson received formal education and training including coursework in anatomy, histology, physiology, opthalmology, neuroanatomy and pathology as well as coursework in drawing, painting, graphic arts and visual communication. Because of her strong understanding of the subject matter, she is uniquely prepared to undertake scientific and medical illustration assignments, whether straightforward or complex. She has the ability to communicate with your experts, interpret the information, then visually conceive and execute your idea.  

Professional Quality Images

In addition to having a strong foundation in science and anatomy, Lynne has extensive knowledge of the principles of visual communication. She is a versatile and accomplished artist, and has technical capability in a variety of digital and conventional media. Lynne stays abreast of current technological trends in graphics, publishing for print, digital media and the Internet. She is capable of providing graphics on both PC and Macintosh platforms and has expertise in a variety of graphics, drawing, and web-authoring programs. This combination of knowledge and experience will ensure that your images will be of the highest professional quality prepared with state-of-the-art technology. 


Her training and broad based knowledge of the subject matter enable assignments to be commissioned and carried out via telephone consultation, faxes, delivery services, and nowadays, electronic transfer. 

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Customer Satisfaction

Lynne approaches each illustration project with a keen eye toward satisfying the particular needs of her client. She believes that a good working relationship with her client will help ensure that the final visual product sends the right message to the intended audience. You will have confidence knowing that your particular project will be met with ability, accuracy, proper focus, clarity and timeliness. 
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