Seek Permission Before Using Images

All images on this website are protected by the U.S. Federal Copyright laws. Images may not be copied from this site without permission. High resolution images of illustrations on this website can be made available for re-use. To obtain permission to use an image you see on this website, please contact Lynne Larson at .

Copyright Law Protects Creators' Rights

Illustrations are considered "intellectual property" and are protected by the U.S. Federal Copyright laws and the Berne Convention, an international intellectual property treaty. Copyright law gives the copyright holder exclusive rights over a work's reproduction, modification, distribution and display. It may not be reproduced or modified in any form, electronic or otherwise, without the consent of the copyright holder. Any unauthorized use of the image, with the exception of fair use, is considered an infringement of copyright. Even in the case of unintentional copyright infringement, the publisher of the work and/or the person who initially caused the infringement can be held accountable for damages and other costs.

The following links provide valuable information on copyright law and issues.

U.S. Copyright Office

Copyright Management Center --IUPUI University Library

Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) Online

Stanford University Libraries -- Copyright and Fair Use

This information only briefly introduces the copyright protection law. For further information on copyright, you should seek qualified professional counsel.


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