Custom Illustrations

BioVisual Communications provides custom illustrations for clients' specific projects, whether the purpose is for advertising and promotional materials, invester relations, patient education, textbook illustration, medical-legal exhibits, or presentations of research findings. Custom illustrations enable clients to present a visual product with a consistent style that is appropriate for their intended message and focus.


Illustrations are produced by employing a variety of media and styles. Illustrations are created using traditional media (pen and ink, airbrush, acrylics and mixed media on a variety of papers stocks), digital media (using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator), or a combination of traditional and digital methods. Final format of the deliverable art (reflective art, transparencies, or digital files) is determined according to the clients' needs.

Image Library

An image library of illustrations for which clients may purchase reproduction rights for their use is available. Please contact Lynne for illustration samples of the topic you need.


Custom illustrations are priced according to each individual project. Factors taken into consideration are the style, number, and level of detail required of the images. Other factors affecting price are: the intended use of the art (commercial or non-commercial purposes); the media (print, Internet, CD-ROM, displays or exhibits); the geographic distribution and time period for the use of the art; the client's budget needs; the timeline; and copyright ownership.

Feel free to contact Lynne for a free, no-obligation estimate for your particular project.


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